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We offer an equal oppertunity employment, in a fair and clean environment. 

We pride ourselves on a smoke free work place. 

We are always searching for career driven experienced employees, with a positive self motivated character.

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We offer a competitive work environment at a competitive wage.

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5 Stars. Jen M


I was referred to Brad's on Friday afternoon to have my alignment checked. They graciously fit me in at 4 p.m. that same afternoon.  Eric thoroughly checked my car and found that the alignment was actually fine There was no charge even though he had spent nearly 45 minute checking it out.  I sincerely appreciated their honesty and great customer service.  I will definitely bring my car back next time I need repairs.

5 Stars. Allan A


Honesty, Integrity, quality and great customer service.  I've been taking my cars to other automotive shops and always had some type of issue come up. I.E. Didn't do all the work that they said they would do so it would have to go back to the shop and be redone.  There pricing is fair and not eye gouging.  I own a Mercedes and have always brought it to a local Certified Mercedes shop but the cost of repair was through the roof.  I've had such a great experience now with all 4 cars which are Dodge, Honda, Ford and Mercedes. Now my fear is remedied when something goes wrong I trust that I will be in good care.   I Just dropped off the Mercedes today and again a affordable price and great service.  If you have experienced that feeling that you are being taken for a ride try out Brad's Specialized Service.  Ron is the manager and he and the mechanics there are awesome to work with. Hope this helps.

5 Stars Anonymous


Car problems are one thing but dealing with a terrible repair shop is another.  I've haven't had luck in the past until now.  They are courteous and detailed with their skill set.  I've brought in my Honda Accord, Dodge Durango, Lincoln Aviator and my Mercedes.  Past experience with other repair shops made me skeptical to consistent workmanship but slowly as I brought in one car at a time they've gained my trust.  Just recently I had a troubled Mercedes that I consistently was bringing back for inspections at a specialized Mercedes repair shop and they constantly were missing the mark on the check engine light and also missed other issues that Brad's found that caused the light to go off.  It's finally FIXED YIPPEE!  Anyways Give them a try if you are not satisfied with your current repair shop.   Thanks Ron for all your help!

5 Stars Jeanne N


I can not recommend Brad's high enough!  We rolled into town from Seattle at about 4:00PM with warped front brake rotors.  Brads was able to get us in that evening and stayed late to get us back on the road.  They also fixed our AC.  The price was reasonable and they were very helpful and knowledgeable.   Go to Brads anytime you need to have your car worked on..you won't be sorry.

5 Stars Carol F 


I was traveling with my sisters to visit Eugene for the weekend this July when it became clear my brakes had issues--shuddering and shaking when the brakes were applied at high speeds.  I'd successfully ignored it for the last month since it only happened at high speeds, not around town. My sister, whose turn it was to drive, did not agree with my stategy.  Brad's was my shop when I lived in Eugene, so I called when we were north of Portland to see if they could fit us in.  Sure, they said, stop in and we'll take a look. Then somewhere south of Salem my air conditioning stopped working. So when we got to Brad's at 3:30, they fixed the brakes (rotars were out of round on the front) and then stayed 45 minutes past 5 (!!!) on a Friday to fix the air conditioning and change my oil!  They totally saved our vacation and are amazingly honest, friendly, great communicators and exceedingly fair in their pricing.  The best I've ever encountered. If you live around Eugene, take your car to Brad's, they do great work and will treat you right.



Do you guys do alignments?

Yes, we offer alignments at a low competitive price.

Do you rotate tires?

Yes, tire rotation comes free with 24.99 oil change.

Do you service engines?

Yes, we can do everything from service to rebuilding and mounting.